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Performante Community Culture

Piloting the Learn2Earn Narrative by Democratizing Education.

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The PCC Vision

We are building a platform for users to earn while they learn. The Cryptocurrency market moves fast, and we provide the knowledge & insight required to succeed - for free.

How To Get Started

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Join our Discord community and configure your Roll Wallet by clicking this link here.

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Access Trading Bots, Masterclass Videos, and more material designed to support your learning.

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Our Pedagogical Vision:

Since our journey started in 2016, we have seen the rise of nefarious actors in the cryptocurrency space. Paid mentors and gurus drain the life from this vibrant community by gatekeeping behind paywalls. We want to democratize this educational industry by providing everything for free - via our Learn2Earn structure.

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What We Offer

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Gain access to restricted Discord channels, going over both the crypto and global markets. There’s also an active chatroom, where alpha is commonly dropped from both the PCC team and fellow PCC members!

- Crypto charts
- Global charts
- Mastermind chat