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Welcome to the future

Cryptocurrency is considered to be one of the most volatile and non forgiving assets. Often referred to as “the wild west”, an investor must have a plan and experience to be effective in this market. Another component that equally contributes to success of the individual? The quality of their broker.  

Welcome to ByBit, welcome to the future of crypto trading.

Introduction to Bybit Legacy

Founded in 2018. Bybit seeked to provide a reliable platform for cryptocurrency derivatives. These perpetual contract swaps are a very popular market for crypto traders, and ByBit claims to have over 100 000 registered users.

Users can sign up and trade on their platform in less than an hour. There is a simple registration process, but no KYC required for access. By choosing Bybit as your trading platform, you get access to all the major cryptocurrencies, in addition to up to 100x leverage. Although, we don’t suggest using maximum leverage with minimum experience.. Remember to protect that capital at all times!

Benefits to Bybit

First I want to talk about their user experience. One of the first things that stood out to me when I first started using Bybit in 2019 was the dependency of the platform. Alternate options like Bitmex can lock up/fail during periods of high volume and volatility. This is not what you want to see with your broker. Another component I value is how easy it is to use. Their user interface is very intuitive, aesthetic and futuristic. 

Second, you can deposit and exchange different cryptocurrencies within their native platform. You can utilize BTC, ETC, XRP, EOS for deposits, and allow for exchange between them on the same platform you can access contract swaps. This is not a feature seen with competitors - Bybit is an innovator. 

Third is customer service. Bybit boasts a 24/7 live chat, with very quick response times. Day or night, anytime you have a question, you can have an answer. This is crucial with a broker because you’re always supported.

Fourth, there is a collective insurance fund operated by Bybit to protect its users in case of liquidation. This fund covers an investors loss should it exceed his capital put forward. It's important to note that this is only in extreme cases where the position closure occurs beyond 100% loss.

Fifth, they can give you free capital to trade with! Bybit offers complementary capital for registration, depositing, and using their new features. Want to capitalize? Just use our affiliate link! 


Nothing good in life is ever free, but Bybit is almost as close as it can get to being a free platform to trade on! There are three fees that you need to be aware of when using their platform:

Position funding fee 
Very small fee/rebate depending on which side of the market you are on, and which way the market is going. More details can be found here
Trading fees
if you are a market maker, you get a -.025% rebate (limit orders)
If you are a market taker, you pay .075% (market orders)
Withdrawl fees
Subject to .0005 BTC - lower than the market average

    Join the Winning Platform

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