Canadian Crypto Enthusiast?

Filling the Void:

The Canadian market for Cryptocurrency exchanges leaves something to be desired. There are options that act as crypto/fiat on ramps, and others that serve as crypto-crypto platforms.. However, there is a rapidly developing and intuitive platform called Bitbuy which does both seamlessly. 

Express Trade:

Need to buy Bitcoin on the go? Not a problem! Bitbuy allows for rapid funding via Interac etransfer and quick exchange into the crypto of your choosing. This option is supported on desktop and mobile, allowing you access to your funds whenever and wherever needed. Express trade allows you to buy, sell and monitor with just an internet connection.

I'm sure you're aware of just how logistically challenging buying crypto in Canada can be. There are very few simple, convenient and affordable options to exchange fiat-crypto-crypto. The Express Platform allows anyone of any expertise to get involved in the space. 

Bitbuy seeks to lower the barrier to entry that many novice investors face.





Bitbuy Pro:

In my opinion, this is what sets Bitbuy apart from any other alternative for Canadian Cryptocurrency enthusiasts. This platform is aimed towards the more seasoned investor who needs more from their platform. Here are some of the features we think are important:


Bitbuy boasts a diverse breadth of options for their users to trade. 
BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, XLM, EOS, BCH can be traded in CAD.
ETH,LTC, XRP, XLM, EOS, and BCH can be traded in BTC.
The diversity of options available allows you to get exposure to the pairs you want, when you want. This is a key feature for Canadians who might otherwise have to use multiple exchanges to get exposure to this variety of projects. Can't beat convenience - simple as that.

Limit + Stop Orders:

These two features are required for any of the traders who demand the most from their platform. The inherent value between these two kinds of orders allows you to navigate the market on your terms.

Limit Orders allow you to specify what price you want to buy/sell at specifically. No longer are you constrained and subjected to market spread.

Stop Orders provide the peace of mind you need to explore the 24/7/365 Crypto market. In the market that never sleeps, you can't risk not being protected. These orders will close your position upon reaching "the stop".

Again, I want to stress just how crucial these options are for the serious crypto traders out there. I would consider these two mandatory for anyone wanting to "level up" their trading game - any normal platform won't cut it.

Aesthetic and Intuitive Interface:

TradingView charting allows for scouting and identification of opportunities within the platform.

Orderbook, market spread data, and time/sales allows for an even deeper understanding of the current market dynamics. These features are crucial for short term traders.

Everything you need, in one location. From this user interface you can monitor your balance, trading history, past orders, and all the data you need to be an effective trader.

Why take my word for it? You can explore their professional trading software for your own by clicking here.

Large Scale Investor?

Then their OTC service might be right for you! Direct wire transfers provides higher limit deposits and withdrawals. Everyone has their own investing needs, and regardless of yours, Bitbuy has your back.

Another option is their high yield lending program. It can produce passive income via mining of cryptocurrency, holding a stake, investment funds and other digital asset companies. This is done via their partner Cred, and you can find more details of this opportunity here.

Is Bitbuy Reputable?

You bet! Founded in Toronto in 2013, Bitbuy has become one of the largest names for Canadian Crypto enthusiasts. Anyone in the space can tell you that safety and security is the name of the game. Without proper due diligence, your funds are at risk. Here are some of the precautions and actions that Bitbuy has taken to protect their user base:

The Individual: Users can secure their account with Google 2FA, and KYC compliance ensures that the users are protected. These two features are crucial for preventing people from accessing your account, or retrieving it back in the worst case scenario.

Further, their customer support system is designed to get you the answers you need, as soon as possible. There is a toll free number to talk to an agent in minutes, and an automated system to approve KYC information to allow new registrations to trade in minutes. 

The Collective: Bitbuy prides themselves with a 95% cold storage reserve for all of the currencies held on site. Further, there was an audit in 2019 to assess asset segregation, solvency and security - which they passed with flying colors.

At the end of the day, only one thing matters..

Are you truly happy with your current Crypto Exchange? This sector is known to be the most volatile niche of the global financial market. In a world full of uncertainty, why would you risk an incompetent trading platform?
Don't take that risk. Join Bitbuy today.

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