Crypto History 101: BSV

Is this Satoshi Nakamoto?

Hopefully you didn't say yes..

because this is not the creator of Bitcoin.

Instead, we have a picture of Craig Wright.

This man has claimed intellectual property lawsuits against all of the core Bitcoin developers. It is his belief that he is the sole creator of Bitcoin. His claim to the mysterious pseudo anonymous creator of Bitcoin comes to a surprise to the community. Numerous lawsuits have been opened up against him as a result of the claim.

There used to be only one Bitcoin Cash..

Lets start from the beginning. Once upon a in July 2017 there was a fork from the Bitcoin chain over some technical disagreements. This 'fork' means that an equivalent amount of new coins are given 1:1 with existing wallet. This means if you held 1 BTC, you'd get the equivalent in Bitcoin Cash. Simple Enough!

Everything was fine until..

November 2018 was when the Bitcoin Cash disagreement shook the world of Cryptocurrency. The disagreement was how to process block size, with each party having a firm stance on the low, or high possible side. The result was a split of the core camps into Bitcoin Cash ABC (Roger Ver and Jihuan Wu) and Bitcoin Cash Satoshi Vision (Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre).

What is going on now?

Now, Craig Wright is one of the most hated personalities within the cryptocurrency niche! The quantity of law suits against him, his absurd claims to fame, and complete tom foolery has caused many exchanges to black list his beloved project: Bitcoin Cash Satoshi Vision (BSV). This makes its very hard to trade for the average user - however RobinHood does work.

However, on the flip side, BTC ABC is available on most trading exchanges, and remains to fill the void that BCH once did on its own accord. The programmers and creators have remained poised and controlled throughout this debacle with ex peer programmer.

Okay, but who is Satoshi?

The million dollar question! However, there is one way we can know for sure. The "Genesis Wallet" was the one which mined the first thousands of blocks on the networks. As a result, it holds a lot of funds and must belong to the original creator of Bitcoin. Simply move the funds between wallets or send to X address to prove your legitimacy.

This is the only way that we can ever know for sure who the creator of Bitcoin is. There very large price on your head when you reveal yourself to the world, so perhaps Satoshi will continue to be a modern mystery. 

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