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Cryptocurrency is a intricate and volatile market. Many years ago there was a need for endless different accounts. exchanges, and services. As the tech develop, so does the service. Huobi has made insane progress on an "all in one" platform, and I wanted to spend time discussing it's merits.

Huobi Introduction:

  • This platform was created in 2013 and has been a market leader since inception. In fact, this exchange is consistently in the top three of verified volumes. This speaks for itself because the market will always determines who the 'true winners' are. Here is data from Coinmarketcap:

  • It is the combination of manageable + transparent fees, diverse crypto selection, and derivative products that make this platform standout. 

Huobi Trading:

  • Spot Trading:

    • This trading tool allows direct trading to and from your favorite pairs. It offers over 300 cryptos to pick from and has a wide variety of stablecoin options available.

    • In addition, they have a neat conditional 'trigger order" which is useful when managing your trades! 

  • Margin:

    • Margin trading is a tool used by the more experienced traders. With higher risk, comes higher reward. Huboi knows this, and so should every trader.

    • Their margin platform operates very similar to the spot, but boasts an automatic loan and repayment system when operating on margin.

    • This service feels very smooth to use, and I have personally found it rather 'easy' to navigate the market.

  • Futures:

    • Futures is a different market unto itself. Huboi permits traders to access up to 125x when utilizing their platform. As always, less is better.

    • This platform is great for hedging during times of volatility. During these high volume periods, the platform remains responsive and accessible - key for traders.

    • In addition, Huboi has pro-dated futures and perpetual products. Time dated is great, but the perpetuals are personally my favorite product to trade within this niche.

  • Trading Bot:

    • Perhaps don't have the time to micromanage your trades, perform research, or master your own system? This trading bot could be the solution you're looking for! 

    • At the time of writing, when back testing the last 7 day period from June 22 - 29, the bot secured a 91% annual return.

    • Impressive and passive. What is not to like?

  • OTC:

    • Alternatively, perhaps you're looking for an institutional solution. Their OTC market is well regarded in the space as a solution for those looking for big purchases.

Clean and practical interface with so many different trading options. Can it get any better?? The answer: yes!

Huobi Finance:

Staking is a newer niche within cryptocurrency that leverages the power of decentralized finance. This is new and experimental technology with limitless potential. Huobi has a refined platform to reduce the user risk/expertise required for gains. Here are some of my favorite picks:

  1. Polkadot (DOT) 7Day lock 20% APY

  2. Tether (USDT) Flexible Lock 6.61% APY

  3. Shiba Inu (SHIB) Flexible Lock 2% APY

  4. Huobi Token (HT) 7Day Lock 20% APY

These platforms allow for compounding your holdings without doing anything extravagant. Specifically speaking, it allows you to extract maximum value from your investment.

Collateralized Loans is another popular and flourishing niche within cryptocurrency for this one simple reason. Selling generates taxable events. Borrowing against your crypto holdings does not.

The annualized interest is between 15-20% and allows you to extract the liquidity you need.

Join Huobi:

This is the platform you need to be trading with . Huobi is seeking to become the world's largest multinational cryptocurrency exchange. Infact, they've got some insane offers to sweeten the deal. Here is what you should be aware of..


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