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Everyone needs help sometimes!

The Performante Team has years of experience across stocks, foreign exchange and the cryptocurrency market. We pride ourselves in our comprehensive understanding of how macro market trends intersect with the relative micro markets between asset classes. You can request our expertise for your benefit. Simple as that! 

In the wise words of Gary Vaynerchuck..

Give. Give. Give. Ask? That is exactly what we are doing here! The information available in the free portion of the greater quality and quantity then most people choose to pay for. We're constantly available to help out, and do our best to ensure your understanding. 

We have a passion for teaching, and this Discord is that exact manifestation. It allows us to teach at scale, and allow everyone to pursue their own financial freedom. We're cryptocurrency traders, but you can trade whatever you'd like, and we will always be available to help.

What exactly does this entail?

Great question! While this list is not exhaustive, here are some of the areas we will be focusing on while developing our report.

  • Macro to micro technical analysis to understand current trend, future zones of confluence, and identify market structure.
  • The importance of fundamental factors will also be integrated within the context of the technical price action.
  • Plan, manage, and recognize the risks for the associated risk.
  • Trading plan to help with execution.

This will cost $24.97 for the trade.

It is important to consider that we are not accredited financial advisers, and the information we present is all experiential -  this includes literal days spent back testing, countless books, podcasts, and all outlets which feed our obsession.

Its our goal that this cost is paid back to you via the profits of the trade you execute. This is a consulting service, but also allows you the opportunity to contribute back to us: we work hard to provide a valuable service.

Thanks for your time! 

Want to execute? Message Nathan or Keith on the Discord to get started A$AP.

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