WeBull - the future of commission free trading?

 Need a more technical approach then Robinhood offers?

This is a solution for you! (plus get two free stocks)

We've witnessed the carnage of recent weeks where Robinhood has fallen short. Orders not submitting, complete service outages on high volatility days.. Their recent track record is not outstanding. Further there are some fundamental limitations to their platform. It isn't meant to be traded on.

How is Webull better?

It's important to note that at the core of these two businesses they one commonality - commission free trading. How this investor friendly strategy is executed varies greatly between the two. Lets dive into how it is a superior platform:

1. Stop Losses: 

When looking for a platform to trade on, having access to these is crucial. Stop losses play a key role in risk management. Any experienced trader can tell you that risk management is one of the most important skills to successful trading. Why trade on a platform where you can't perform properly?

2. Limit Orders:

Sometimes you need to let the market come to you! Having the ability to create limit orders enables you to be in control of your trade. Whether it is designating take profit zones or effective buy ins.. Limit order allows you much more freedom in the markets.

3. Mobile App + Desktop Trading:

Another aspect of trading is integrating data from as many different sources as you seem valid. This is one of the principle problems with mobile trading.. It is convenient but you are never as efficient as when using computer. Their desktop has a very aesthetic and intuitive user interface.

4. Integrated Paper Trading:

Perhaps you're too young to dive into real risk. This is the perfect feature for you! Paper trading allows you to practice real skills in a risk free environment. This is one of the best ways to learn when on a strict budget.


Its for this reason that the platform is orientated towards more experienced traders who rely on these features. You shouldn't ever have to accept platform errors in favor of convenience. 

Other advantages:

Trading outside of market hours is a massive advantage in volatile markets like we are currently experiencing. It gives you an incredible edge over the traditional investor using other methods. Webull allows after hours trading to ensure you have the edge on the market. Another key talking point.. When they say no fees, they mean it! Whether you're making cash withdraws or deposits - it is free.

Later this year we will see the integration of cryptocurrencies among other asset classes being added to the platform. Webull is innovative and is rapidly adapting to what the competitive trader needs.

Come try it out - and get two free stocks!

We've become affiliates with Webull because we believe in the potential of their platform. For transparency sake we want to explain that this is a sponsored affiliate program, but that does not change the legitimacy of their platform. The team is innovative and scope of service is rapidly evolving. One stock for registering for an account, and another for depositing any amount. 

If you would like to 'kick back' to the creators of this community, this how you can do it! Contribute to the community and reward yourself. What is not to like?


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