What I Wish I knew in 2016..

Bull Run Is Here!

Congratulations on surviving the great crypto winter of 2017-2020. I think that the bear market has ended, and the bull market is in it's infancy. Although the market is currently contracting, we've made incredible progress thus far.

This blog will provide some insight created from experience in past bull runs. There are key patterns of behavior that you should adopt, and some you must avoid at all costs. I hope you enjoy! 

Don't Get Greedy!

It is easy to FOMO into other people's alt coin picks. Jumping in on a pair that is up 30% on the day. This is the kind of behavior that you want to avoid.

Every major project with legitimate credentials will have its time. Don't sweat it. (assuming good investment picks)

Buy small amounts on a regular basis to mitigate the volatility risk of one lump sum purchases.

If you're expecting to make a lot of money, lower your expectations. You must be prepared to lose it.

Crypto is the wild west. Nothing is guaranteed. 

Best Exchanges to Use:

1. Binance: https://bit.ly/33WStbv (GLOBAL BEST exchange)

2. Binance.US: https://bit.ly/2migAzT (USA)

3. Binance Futures https://bit.ly/2UcO5Cu (GLOBAL: leverage derivative market)

4. Coinbase: https://bit.ly/2ZlCsZ3 (GLOBAL exchanging fiat [cash] for crypto)

5. Shakepay: https://bit.ly/2kv77oi (Canada, Cash-fiat only)

6. Webull: https://bit.ly/39E1loU (USA Stocks + Crypto)



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